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CEM4MAT, Centre of Electron Microscopy for Materials Sciences

CEM4MAT is an initiative from the electron microscopy (EM) facilities in the Stockholm-Uppsala region.

This is a regional platform to make the Transmission Electron Microscopy based research infrastructure accessible and transparent for external and internal users. The four nodes of CEM4MAT, specialised in Materials Sciences, are Uppsala University, Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Swerea KIMAB. 


The different nodes of CEM4MAT offer courses covering a broad range of topics from the basic understanding to specialised courses in selected material topics. The courses are aimed at both academic (Master’s or PhD level) and industrial users.

We are currently planning a course in basic transmission electron microscopy at the PhD level, which will complement the courses at the master’s and bachelor levels. This will be jointly organised between the three universities and with introduction to the opportunities available in industry presented by some of our industrial users. This course will be listed here on the website in September 2017. 
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