Electron Crystallography course (7.5 hp) at Stockholm University, starting May 2- June 3, 2022.


Dear all,

We will be giving a PhD course in electron crystallography this spring. The course will provide an introduction to crystallographic analysis of electron microscopy data such as 3D electron diffraction and high-resolution (S)TEM imaging. The course Electron Crystallography (KZ41010) is 7.5 hp and will be given May 2 – June 3. Please find the syllabus below.

Syllabus_Electron Crystallography 

Please let me know if you are interested in taking the course or have any questions. Do not hesitate to forward this information to any potential candidates who might be interested in taking the course.

With best regards,


Dr. Tom Willhammar

Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Stockholm University


+46 (0) 72 1474406

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