PhD Course: Electron Crystallography, 7.5 hp, May 6-May 31, Stockholm University


A PhD course in Electron crystallography will be offered at Stockholm University from  May 6 – May 31,2024. The course (KZ41010) is 7.5 hp, and  will provide an introduction to crystallographic analysis of electron microscopy data such as 3D electron diffraction and high-resolution (S)TEM images. The course has a focus on data analysis and contains lectures, exercises and a project.

Please find the syllabus in the link below,!/menu/standard/file/Syllabus_Electron%20crystallography_220301.pdf

For more information please contact,

Tom Wilhammar


Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry

Stockholm University

+46 (0) 72 1474406

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Last modified: 2024-03-05