Event report of Titan Themis Inauguration and CEM4MAT Launch, November, 22, 2017.


Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was at the focus when 120 researchers, lecturers, companies and representatives from universities and society met at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University on Monday morning of the 19th June 2017. The purpose of the gathering was twofold: The CEM4MAT centre of electron microscopy for materials science was launched and the new TITAN THEMIS TEM in the analysis laboratory of the Ångström Laboratory was inaugurated. Microscopy has since its invention by Leuwenhoek unveiled the micro, nano and atomic structure of the biological, soft and hard materials that surround us. The technique of transmission electron microscopy has reached an unmatched resolution and could make ground breaking contributions to the understanding of the nature of materials since its introduction in the 1930s. The new aberration corrected TEMs such as the TITAN THEMIS at the Ångström Laboratory will enable us to significantly push the limits of our image of nature.

A new era in TEM started by improving the microscope resolution by aberration correctors as was high lighted by Prof. Klaus Leifer in his introduction to the event. Representatives from the four founding members of CEM4MAT, the rector and vicerector of Stockholm University Prof. Astrid Söderbergh Widding and Prof. Anders Karlhede, Prof. Mikael Östling from KTH, Dr. Joacim Hagström from Swerea KIMAB and the vicerector and prodekan of research of Uppsala University Prof. Johan Tysk and Prof. Kristina Edström assisted the event. In their greeting words, the Prorector of Uppsala University Prof. Anders Malmberg and vicerector Prof. Johan Tysk pronounced the importance of both improving the infrastructure in the Uppsala Stockholm region but also to coordinate their joint use to improve the impact of the transmission electron microscopes on the development of science.

In the scientific talks, Prof. Rafal Dunin-Borkowski from the Research Centre Jülich demonstrated in  an impressive way how he used aberration corrected TEM to analyse the magnetic nanostructure of skyrmions. Prof. Reine Wallenberg from Lund University showed how precursor gases can be used in a unique way to grow semiconductor nanowires in-situ in the aberration corrected TEM. Dr. Nestor Zaluzec from Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, in a passionate speech, highlighted future development roads and challenges for aberration corrected TEM and illustrated their possibilities with a number of examples.

For the launch of the CEM4MAT centre (www.cem4mat.se), Prof. Gunnar Svensson (Stockholm Un iversity), the coordinator of the CEM4MAT centre, described that CEM4MAT consists of different components with are joint use and exploitation of the infrastructure, the meetings of operators and joint teaching. Furthermore, the TEMs in CEM4MAT can be used by Swedish academics and companies. Joint fee tables and access procedures are elaborated.  A video demonstrating the CEM4MAT centre can be found on (http://csp.screen9.com/video?auth=MJf0AogRW6ZVKj_2am41w3C9mGyrpOgn1cXdry8B9-otzQGK3Iw_CQ). Besides the different activities of CEM4MAT, the centre will bring institutions together and equally offer its infrastructure to regional and national companies; these aspects were detailed by Prof. K. Edström (UU), Prof. M. Östling (KTH) and Dr. J. Hagström (KIMAB) in their speeches. The local node leaders of CEM4MAT, Dr. J. Hagström for KIMAB, Prof. J. Dutta for KTH, Prof. G. Svensson for SU and Prof. K. Leifer for UU expressed their deep tanks to Dr. Anna-Karin Tidén for her excellent organization of the launching phase of CEM4MAT.

For the inauguration of the Titan Themis aberration corrected TEM, Prof. em. Sture Hogmark described the new instrument in the context of the development of transmission electron microscopy at Uppsala University. Dr. Jan Rusz (piano) and Mrs. Isabella Lindström de Mendonça (soprano) prepared the moment of the inauguration with a marvelous presentation of pieces from Adolf Fredrik Lindblad and Richard Strauss. A life transmission from the analysis laboratory allowed the public in Siegbahnsalen to participate when the dean of research Prof. Kristina Edström opened the Titan Themis for public use in the presence of Prof. K. Leifer, Prof. H. Engqvist, Prof. F. Ericson and Dr. Stefan Nygren. The event can be found in video form on https://media.medfarm.uu.se/play/video/6761/.

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