Status of the new high performance TEM at EMC, Stockholm University


The construction of the room for the new state of the art transmission electron microscope Thermis Z is at the final stage. The high performance of the microscope delivered high spatial (0.6 Å) and energy (0.2 eV) resolution puts tough restrictions on the room environment that include the temperature stability of <0.2oC/hour, floor vibration lesser than 3 micron/s and electromagnetic fields lesser than 30nT. The project is successfully led by Per Wallroth at Akademiska Hus, together with Gunnar Svensson and Cheuk-Wai Tai at EMC and the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University. Of course, there are close contacts with representatives from the supplier, Thermo Fischer Scientific (formerly FEI). The deliverance of the microscope is very complex. Since the packages of some crucial parts of the microscope is so large and heavy, it is necessary to lift them over House A (5 floor high) of the Arrhenius Laboratory, down to the inner courtyard. During the in-house transportation, some doors and walls have to be removed and the floor must be reinforced.

The planned date of deliverance is 4 June 2018 and the installation will start the week after.


Figure caption: The room for the new microscope viewed from the corridor on 3/F. The 4.0m*4.0m*1.5 m reinforced concrete fundament is seen with cables for the active field cancellation system and parts of the aluminium sheets which later will form the Faraday´s cage shielding from the external electromagnetic fields.

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Last modified: 2021-10-27