SSF-projekt to researchers at Stockholm University node in CEM4MAT


Cheuk-Wai Tai has together with Tom Willhammar, Thomas Thersleff and Hongyi Xu at EMC, Stockholm University received a large grant (7.9 Mkr) within SSF  Works - Instrument, Technique, and Method  Development Projects 2017 for the project:  ”A multidimensional toolkit for modern electron microscopy”

”A multidimensional toolkit for modern electron microscopy”

The goal of the project is to develop a toolkit which will enable high throughput, high precision scanning and multidimensional experiments on existing Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs). This will be achieved by developing new instrument, technique and methods covering 1) design and buildspecimen holder for fast and precise 3D data collection; 2) design and build a control unit to manipulate electron beam and synchronize the detectors installed in an electron microscope; 3) methods and software for scanning electron scattering (both Bragg diffraction and diffuse scattering); and 4) momentum-resolved scanning transmission electron microscopy-electron energy loss spectroscopy (STEM-EELS). The proposed toolkit will benefit TEM laboratories in both materials and life science researches. Furthermore, it will also provide freedom for future instrument and method developments.

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Last modified: 2021-10-27