20th May: Inaguration of Themis Z at EMC, Stockholm University


Aberration corrected transmission electron microscope (TEM) Thermo Scientific™ Themis Z at the Electron Microscopy Center (EMC), Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK), Stockholm University will be inaugurated on 20th May. Themis Z at EMC is equipped with probe and image aberration correctors, providing excellent imaging capability at atomic resolution in both high-resolution STEM (scanning transmission electron microscope) and TEM. The microscope currently can operate at accelerating voltages of 60 kV, 200 kV and 300 kV. Themis Z at EMC delivers spatial resolution ≤ 60 pm in both TEM and STEM at 300 kV. A Gatan Oneview camera with in-situ option is present for fast acquisition of high quality TEM images (max 300 frames per second). A range of STEM detectors are present for collecting signals simultaneously to form different images. A four quadrant Super-X EDX detector enables high analytical capability down to atomic scale. A Gatan imaging filter (Quantum ER) for electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS) and energy-filtered imaging attached to Themis Z provides fast spectrum acquisition (1000/sec) and it is capable to collect spectra in both low and high-energy regimes simultaneously. The field-emission electron gun is equipped with a monochromator; the use of such an electron probe in analytical studies with EELS provide high energy resolution (<0.2 eV) providing the possibility to measure band-gap of materials, surface plasmons, valence band structures, chemical bond information etc. at the atomic scale. Automated tomography acquisitions in TEM, STEM and STEM-EDX are also possible. A number of sample holders are present for imaging, analytical studies, tomography and in-situ heating/cooling experiments.

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Last modified: 2021-10-27