Electron Microscopy course 2020 at Ångström Laboratory Uppsala, starting on 17th February 2020


You are welcome to participate in the PhD course Advance Electron Microscopy (5.0p (Avancerad elektronmikroskopi) that will start on Monday, 17th February 2020. 

The course will give a general introduction to scanning- and transmission electron microscopy. The course will have lectures and labs dedicated to special electron microscopy and focused ion beam techniques. Lecturers from the Ångström laboratory, the Biomedical Center, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, the Information Technology Center, Karolinska Institute and the Geocentrum will contribute to this course. All the lectures will be given in the morning and the laboratory sessions in the afternoon. The course is an interdisciplinary course and open to participants from all fields where electron microscopy is used.

Evaluation: assignments and oral exam.


·        Scanning Electron Microscopy                   Week 8 (17-21st February) 2019

·        Transmission Electron Microscopy            Week 10 (02-06th March) 2019


Please send an email containing your name, personal number and the name of your division to:

Tianbo Duan (Tianbo.Duan@angstrom.uu.se)

Klaus Leifer (Klaus.Leifer@angstrom.uu.se )

We would appreciate if you could register until 5th February. There are a limited number of places available.

 Welcome to the course!

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