Large infrastructure grant to the CEM4MAT node EMC at Stockholm university


The Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) at Stockholm University ( has been granted 15 MSEK by The Swedish Research Council for upgrade of the scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and soft matter sample preparation facilities. This allows investment in a new state-of-the art SEM with soft X-ray emission spectrometers with the capability to detect light elements with ultra low detection limit (<50 ppm) and excellent energy resolution (0.3 eV). This enables the studies of chemical bonds and oxidation states at the nanoscale. The low operating voltage can reduce beam damage and beam-induced phase changes. EMC will also upgrade its sample preparation facility for studying e.g. sensitive soft materials with cryo- and array ultra-microtomography combined with cryo- and vacuum-transfer as well as allowing reconstructed 3D volumetric results of structure, microstructure and chemistry of the materials. EMC foresees large interests from emerging areas such as energy conversion, energy storage and sustainable biorelated materials.
The grant is a recognition of the excellent research made by researchers using EMC and its high accessibility for external users. The new facility will not only contribute to the regional electron microscopy network CEM4MAT ( but also extend to a national basis. Our plan is to have the instruments in place in the fall 2022.

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Last modified: 2024-03-05